Full-Featured Enterprise POS

  • Expand what your POS can do
  • Complete access to customer details
  • Gift card balances and promotions
  • Native offline capability and enhanced security

Centralized Inventory Management

  • Save time on inventory management
  • Robust style definition grids and centralized control
  • Complete visibility across all locations and online

Automated Replenishment & Transfers

  • Increase inventory turn
  • Keep shelves fully stocked
  • Automated inventory transfers between stores
  • Best replenishment features

Customizable User Interface

  • Increase transaction speed and efficiency
  • Customize user interface
  • Use your exact checkout workflow and preferences

Device-Agnostic Mobile POS

  • Complete transactions and inventory tasks anywhere on the sales floor
  • Use your choice of Windows, Android, or iOS devices

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

  • Create sales at one location and fulfill the order at any other location
  • Use buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), Click and Collect
  • Other omnichannel fulfillment

Integrated Software

  • Use open APIs to integrate data from third-party solutions
  • Integrate ecommerce, loyalty, ERP, CRM, accounting, and more

Retail Pro® is fully customizable, integrable POS and retail management software that helps retailers improve efficiency in inventory, customer, and store operations management across channels. Whether you operate as a franchise, corporate store, outlet, or multi-subsidiary retailer, you can overcome data fragmentation and configure Retail Pro to your exact workflow, branding, and business needs.