A unified experience across channels & devices.

RESULTS: Retailers Evolving to Unified Commerce Are Proving the Model with Steller Growth

Of orders through the online channnel are buy online pickup in-store, delivering qualified traffic into retail locations.

Ability to enhance online catalog, doubling or tripling online SKU count by integrating vendor feeds and/or drop shipping.

Streamlining order fulfillment and data workflows, reallocating 2 full-time employees from previously laborious processes.

An expanded digital footprint for both site and marketplaces, with the ability to dynamically update products and inventory, driving consistent 2X year-over-year growth.

Of web orders fulfilled from store inventories, not only driving new transactions but accelerating inventory turns.

The Turn-Key Solution That Unifies the Online and In-Store Shopping Journey

UniteU® and Retail Pro’s® Unified Commerce is the premier end-to-end solution for digital commerce, that seamlessly integrates with your retail business. It enables retailers to accomplish more with their real assets- building fully-featured, beautifully designed responsive sites that bridge the gap between digital and in-store – creating seamless, engaging shopping experiences.

Retailers can now offer competitive online features find in-store, and buy online pick-up in-store, then smartly and seamlessly route orders to Retail-Pro powered locations. Tear down the data walls and easily feed third-party channels such as Amazon®, eBay® and Google Shopping, fully leveraging existing retail data to power their digital business.

  • A solution that move businesses from siloed online and in-store shopping channels to an integrated commerce solution that seemlessly “connects-the-dots” of ecommerce and in-store POS, order management, inventory, merchandising, and financials.
  • Simple, robust connection with the Retail Pro platform and other data sources.
  • Enhance existing Retail Pro data with vendor feeds and drop shipping suppliers to enrich your online catalog.
  • Parse inventory and assets by store location to enable online feature such as find in-store, buy online pick-up in-store, or ship-to-store.
  • Enable store-specific settings, intelligently deciding which stores are able to receive pick-up orders from online store.

Gorgeous, Limitless Front-End *
optionally data services can be leveraged for large retailers with an existing site, where significant investment has been made.

Enterprise-wide View of All inventory

Powerful Tools that Unify Data Sources and Present them to Consumers.

Secure, High-Performance Cloud Hosting with Level1 PCI-DSS Compliance

Fully Leverages Cayan Unified Commerce Solution Suite

Robust, Responsive Content Delivery

Integrated Shipping+ Flexible Omnichannel Fulfillment